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April 10, 2014 0 comment

 I woke up before any of my kids this morning.

This is rare.

Ever since I became sick with this pregnancy Zuri has had to learn to become more independent…something that she thrives at now.

So, I was listening this morning as her alarm went off. Within two rings she shut it off and I could hear her sit up from her covers and say, ‘Looks pretty warm!’

Ha ha.. the utterly optimistic.

From there she went to her dresser where she ran into some typical girl troubles. I could hear slight bits and pieces of her talking quietly to herself about wanting to wear her gray shirt with her new blue flower leggings, but she wore that gray shirt just a few days ago.  She didn’t know what to do.

I watched her tip toe out of her room with her clothes options in hand, and make her way upstairs to ask for my help. She was half way up when I scared the crap out her by saying, “Good morning, Zuri” from the couch downstairs.

We both thought this was hilarious–I still do.

She came down, we discussed her shirt problem and she chose to go with this outfit because..”white goes with anything, mom. And if you look reallllly closely there are red dots in my flower pants, so I should wear my red hoodie, even though my pants aren’t red. Right?

“Right, Zu. Good choice.”

“….and I get so sweaty at recess…But I’m cold in the morning. So I like hoodies–I just take them of before I get sweaty.”

Then she brushed her own hair, and put on her shoes while I made her toast. We met in the family room where she handed me the hair stuff for braids and I handed her toast.

It was like a nicely little choreographed dance.

Not all morning are like this. Remi is usually awake and we’re almost always running late, but even then, things with Zuri always seem to sail smoothly. She so thoughtful and low maintenance–and so, so cool.

Its crazy.

 I hate the kids getting older, and it is really strange not being as needed by her, but if this is what its like then I’ll happily take it. I love it.

So, all this was running through my head and I was looking at her watch out the window for her carpool.  She so much older, and so beautiful. I knew I wanted to get a picture of her right then. I want to remember this morning for some reason. I want to freeze this moment in my history and be so thankful for her, and for motherhood.

I ran upstairs to get my phone and caught her just in the nick of time as her ride pulled up.

It was fast.

….and so is our time with them.

-But I got these 3 pictures. They’re blurry–not even good. I adore them, though.

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