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Wanna Tan? Get one from ME!

January 20, 2010 1 comment

Top of the line, cutting edge technology spray gun and pop-up tent make it possible to give you a tan anywhere! From in your closet to your living room…you choose!
Alright ladies, heres the thing about Norvell’s sunless tanning system….IT’S AMAZING! Its the Bentley of spray tanning, and if you go into any blog on the web its the number 1 recommended sunless tanning solution and equipment out there. Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats it. Not only does it apply the most even, natural looking, and raspberry almond scented tan, but its also good for your skin. Yes, I said it! Its good for you! It delivers vitamins and antioxidants into your skin while giving you a golden glow. Too good to be true, right? Well read it for yourself. I copied this directly from the Norvell website.

“A custom designed sunless tanning solution that produces an express, quick-drying, natural, long-lasting, “just off the beach” tan! Radiant supple bronzed skin is only one spray away!

This breakthrough micro-nutrient technology delivers a potent blend of vitamins and antioxidants to boost the skin’s inherent “just off the beach” glow. The natural formula works with the skin creating a customized shade of color every time. Scented formulas are fragranced with essence of raspberry and almond extracts.

Results: The DHA bronzer (active ingredient, derived from glycerin, that interacts with the amino acids in the skin cells producing a color change) will begin to activate within 2-4 hours after application, replacing any cosmetic bronzers as they wash off. Norvell Clear formulas do NOT contain cosmetic bronzers. Full DHA results develop within 18-24 hours. “

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