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Vulnerability Post day 29…my love.

June 19, 2017 0 comment

It’s Father’s Day- so today I get to talk about my lovely husband, Bronson.

Just like the things he think you need to know about in my last post–here is a few things I think you need to know about him.

I feel the need to tell you all that he wakes up every single morning and gets our daughters ready for school.

He brushes their hair, does his go-to ponytails then walks them out the door to school.

During this whole time I am sleeping/or pretending to sleep in bed….I could easily do it, but he does-so, I don’t.

On the way to school he talks to all the other school moms dropping off their kids, and has legit mom friends. His differs from me greatly in this area. When I pick up the kids in the afternoon I am in and out, as fast as lightning, But Bronson takes this time to say hello to everyone, and socialize.

PS…all the mom’s looooove him.

During his lunch breaks he facetimes not me, but Ozzy.

He wants to talk to him about the day so far and get Ozzy to look at funny google images he’s found on line and hear Ozzy’s reaction.

On weekends he wakes up early and brings home donuts for the kids, and coffee to me in bed without fail. He has not missed a weekend.

Bronson’s has never cooked a meal in his life.

I’m not exaggerating.

He would rather go hungry than cook something up, and I will never-NOT EVER- understand this.

His favorite thing to do is surf-he calls it church. Riding his motorcycle has a similar effect.

Bronson does this thing where he starts cleaning a messy room by vacuuming it first…and I’m like…noooooo ! That is supposed to last! The cherry on top! Don’t vacuum first! But it’s been going on ten years and he just can’t seem to help himself.

Death by vacuum.

He has watched teen mom and the kardashians with me for 11 years straight. We have, quite literally, not missed one episode. We hate but, loveeee it too much to stop. I mean, we’ve ‘known’ some of these guys longer than we’ve known Zuri—so it’s safe to say we’re lifers.

And as I’m telling this in the car ride home from the beach I just looked over to see him holding his phone up uncomfortably to shade the bright sun from hitting ozzys eyes in the back seat.

And this, guys…this is who he is.  There are a million great and amazing things about him–but this dad part of him is theeee best part.

We’re so lucky to have him!

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