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My love affair with Rodan+Fields

July 19, 2015 1 comment

During my Skin crisis of 2014, I put everything and anything on my face. I was trying $200 serums from Dr. Perricone, La Mer, and Eminence that didn’t put a dent on my Perioral Dermatitis/acne that I was suffering from. I tried all my old professional esthetic lines, too, like Glymed, Image, and MD Forte thinking that the professional brands would surely help out… but they were only aggravating my PD.

After even more desperation, I went down to the drugstore to buy an anti-fungal foot cream to put on the PD—my rock bottom—and same thing. Nothing I was putting on my skin was helping a bit. So, when the all department store brands and drug store topicals didn’t work, I turned au natural.

I stopped washing my face entirely. I was using baking soda, apple cider vinegar, raw local honey, calendula cream, and even a natural brand of diaper rash cream to try and treat the perioral dermatitis that was all around my nose and spreading down my chin by this point.

Then I found Rodan+Fields.

One day on Facebook I saw a post gushing that this skin care line, Rodan+Fields, had helped with this little girl’s awful psoriasis. I don’t know about you, but my feed is filled with skinny wraps, and long eyelash magic mascara, and wrinkle shrinking miracle solutions that all my friends are selling. Not to mention the oils…. the freaking oils! I love essential oils, I really do …But I do not love all the crazy oil people. I’m fed up with all the friend-to- friend pushy sales tactics through social media, so I normally tune them out…

…But this picture was amazing. I couldn’t deny that it spiked my interest, especially for my daughter, Remi, who has pretty severe eczema. I started to investigate the Soothe regimen and Rodan+Fields further, and I actually liked everything I was learning out about the brand. But I found myself not really trusting anything I was reading online because I assumed everyone raving about the product was also selling the product.

I didn’t like that.

I just couldn’t get past the MLM feel of it. Then I remembered one of my best friends, Jessica, posting about her skin after using Rodan+Fields and It got me thinking a bit. I knew my friend was not the type to ever be into MLM’s, or even skincare for that matter (ha!), so I called her and asked her how she really felt about using R+F.

Her answer was simple. She loved it, and that she was seeing real results. She also told me that the Doctors who came up with the line had sold the same exact skincare at Nordstrom for 10 years, and it was actually Nordstrom’s #1 skincare line. When the Doctors decided to take what is now Rodan+Fields out of the department stores and into a direct sales system it was, and still is, a pretty controversial move.

Hearing all this from a trusted friend was enough for me, so I ordered the Soothe kit to try out.

The Rodan+Fields Soothe kit arrived and I, truthfully, forgot about it. Some time went by, until one night Remi was having a particularly itchy, uncomfortable time… I remembered about the Soothe regimen I ordered, and applied it behind her knees and in her elbow folds where her eczema was the worst. To my surprise —it worked. There was a noticeable difference in her skin the next morning.

It was also around this time that I knew I was on to something about healing my skin from the inside out…. I was about 2 weeks deep into my new routine of detoxing with water, taking supplements, and administering coffee enemas—along with eating healthier and going gluten free (my 4 Tricks to Glowing Skin). I was finally noticing some positive changes for the first time in 6 months, but the PD was stubbornly hanging around—never clearing completely. I was pretty nervous by this point to put anything new on my skin that could potential screw up the progress I was making, but something inside me told me try this Rodan+Fields stuff out.

So, I did, and five days later my Perioral Dermatitis was nothing more than light pink skin. No more itchy, red and inflamed pustules—they were gone. Rodan+Fields was the tipping point and healed my skin.

I quite literally cried tears of joy. After months and months of stressing out over this horrible rash and acne all over my face and dealing with crippling insecurities and depression that seemed to be getting worse with each passing month that I suffered from Perioral Dermatitis…it was gone. I started to feel like myself again.

From that point on I was converted, and ordered all 4 of R+F’s lines for my clients and myself.

I ordered:

  • Reverse, for skin with pigmentation problems, age spots, and dullness.
  • Redefine, for skin with fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity.
  • Unblemish, for acne
  • & Finally, Soothe, for sensitive skin and clients with rosacea

I started using their Reverse regimen after all the signs of my PD were gone, and my skin started glowing. My dark marks were fading, my texture improved, and my complexion was clearer and brighter overall. People were commenting on my makeup all the time and I wouldn’t be wearing any… I would spray tan every 2 weeks, and go totally makeup free to let my skin just breathe. It was a crazy transition from not leaving the house without caked on makeup, to being totally makeup free within just a few weeks. It blew my mind!

My clients that I would do facials and microdermabrasion on loved the product and were seeing real, lasting results, too. They wanted to take the product home with them, so I did something I never thought I would do and I became a consultant so they could buy product directly from me…. from there, it has just grown.

Rodan+Fields has simplified skincare by making choosing the right product combination for your skin type fool proof. You cannot mess it up. So mix this simplified/no nonsense approach, with scientifically proven results, and top notch active ingredients–and you get R+F.

It just works.

If you’re intrigued like I was, and want to know more, click this link where you can use R+F’s skin mapping tool. It will tell you which product is best for your skin type and biggest concerns. It’s easy and you can order online directly from me, too.




Redefine Before and After and Fields 3rodan-fields-before-and-after-flipbook-vol5-15-63828ee2518caeaedb8e417eac3a083558aredefine-before-and-after




Before-and-After-Rodan-and-Fields-3 10980755_10153729369061002_4536089432156972676_n a15da67b298a1c20c57bd90f2370a3bb

& last but not least, me! using Soothe.


I’m available to answer anyone questions anytime! Email me at weslie.christensen@gmail.com where we can chat and I can help walk you through the process.

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Laura craft May 27, 2016 at 11:03 am

Please tell me how to get this I have severe psoriasis since I was 21, I’m 35 now and suffer everyday!!! Please help!!!!!


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