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Are you Mormon? 22. January 2017

ooooo another mormon one.

Maybe my faith crisis needs it’s own post?

one day!

What kind of moisturizer do you use on your face? 22. January 2017

I use Soothe by Rodan and Fields—-BEST MOISTURIZER EVER! Like, ever, ever.

you can shop it at weslie.myrandf.com

I also really love Rosehip oil—I buy mine right off amazon.

Is Rodan and Fieldes still your go-to for skincare? 22. January 2017

YES! It’s still my go to, and what I recommend to all my family and friends. It’s the one brand that I see consistent results with for every skin type and/or problem.

Also, I recently started using Rosehip oil along with my Rodan and Fields regimen at night and loooooove it.

you can shop around at weslie.myrandf.com

Are you Mormon? 22. January 2017

Hello! Nope, were not.

Both Bronson and I were raised LDS as children, but neither of us affliate with the Mormon church any longer.

….but I can say Mormons are my favorite people. They’re the best!

What are your tips for staying healthy and in shape while having 3 kids? I find it so hard not to snack on their kids snacks. What are your top tips and tricks 22. January 2017

Ugh. Oh man. It’s hard.

With my first two I don’t remember even trying to lose the weight. I would breastfeed and not eat ridiculously, then right around 6-7 months post partum I would all of sudden realize I was back to my pre pregnancy body, and could fit into my clothes again.

But after the third….that hasn’t been the story. I lost the baby weight rather fast, but when I stopped breastfeeding I was up 10 pounds in just 6 weeks. My body has been holding steady at that 10 pound gain, too-I think it feels comfortable..ha ha.

I work out 3-4 times per week, and eat rather healthy. I’ve been doing this with no change for 8 months, so just recently I have decided to up my healthy fats, and lower my carb intake.

It’s too early to tell if this strategy is the right way to go for me, but I’ll let you all know!

…and like I said earlier, my body’s pretty comfy–so maybe this is just the new me.

ps. the kids are worth lugging around 10 extra pounds

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