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Can we be best friends? 22. January 2017

YES! Please!

Cats or dogs? 22. January 2017

Dogs! but Remi and Bronson are allergic—so SOL.

What’s the hardest lesson you’ve had to learn in life? 22. January 2017

In short: to love and accept myself my and my surroundings exactly how they are.

This has been my hardest lesson to learn, easily—and the one I’m constantly still practicing. I’ll elaborate more on this one once I gather up the courage. It’s a doozy.

Other than that, I’ve realized that my disease to please the people around me for the first 27 years of my life were….wellllll…they were dumb. Dumb, yet neccessary for me to grow.

Favorite place you’ve ever lived? 22. January 2017

Definitely here, in San Clemente.

We’re less than a mile from the beach…so that’s a huge reason why I think it’s so great.┬áBut it’s also just a wonderfully sleepy, family town. There are kids everywhere and it feels like most everyone knows eachother here. This is the most ‘homey’ I’ve ever felt—we LOVE it here!

Do you have any help? Nanny? 22. January 2017

No, I have zero help. I WISH I had a little help….a babysitter, and nice neighbor, a family member close by…..ANYTHING!

One thing I’ve learned living where I do is that good childcare is hard to come by. …Unless your willing to mortgage your house–then it’s easy!

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