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I just became familiar with your blog/insta from hearing you and your hubby on TSC Him & Her Podcast. I just have to say that your relationship with both your husband and your children is something to aspire to. I love how real you are about the struggles that you have faced over the years and the struggles that you still face now! I love the authenticity that you exude. Specifically what really spoke to me was when you shared how you believe you have to actively work at a relationship and choose to make it work. Overall, choose to love each other every day. This isn’t really a question at all but I just wanted to share how much I loved hearing you on TSC and I hope to hear more of you. Or you can always start your own podcast too (: 18. May 2017

Oh thank you! I loved reading this!

Any go to date ideas? 25. January 2017

Truth be told—Bronson and I are the worst daters. THEEEEE worst. We’re like the scrouge’s of dates. I think this is because childcare is really hard to come by (not to mention expensive) for us….any maybe also just because we love nothing more than watching late night TV all snuggled up in our bed.

But our ideal date would be great dinner, a movie, and massages.


Would you still use Wen hair products after the lawsuit? 25. January 2017

oooo good question. Honestly, I stopped using it a few year ago because it just became expensive. I washed my hair less and only bought sulfate free shampoo. But now—ya. I won’t use it. I never had any issues with it personally, but if that many people were having their hair fall out, then it’t not really worth it!

What’s your favorite thing about yourself? 22. January 2017

This is tough.

I think I’m really proud of my researcher brain. Sometimes I surprise myself with what I can learn and teach myself all on my own.

I also am really proud of my ability to live and let live…..Even as a very young child, I couldn’t understand why people would impose their belief system on other people. It’s never made sense to me. I like that I was born this way.

I like that I can get a sense of what other people are feeling. Zuri has this same ability, too. We just know whats going on with people underneath the surface.  I think it’s a unique and rare thing….pretty cool.

And lastly, I’m really proud of my experience with motherhood thus far. It’s not perfect, or the right way, and I definitely don’t have it all together. But it feels good, and I try really hard…that is something to celebrate.

Where did you get the inspiration for your children’s names? Very creative 22. January 2017

OOO….So, we thought Zuri was going to be a boy and we loved the name Zurick…We didn’t have a girl name other than Lilly for her up until the week she was born.

Then one day I asked Brons if he thought we should just shorten Zurick to Zuri….he fell in love-I fell in love. It was meant to be.

And, since were on the subject of Zuri’s name—I never heard the name ‘Zuri’ in my life until we named our daughter, Zuri. I thought we made it up.  A year after she was born we went to the Utah Zoo to find that they named the new baby that was just born Zuri…then we found out it literally means “beautiful” in Swaheli. So fitting. Zu is a pretty little thing.

…Then that kid on that disney show was a Zuri…then that E! new girl is named Zuri….

Now everyone and their dog (literally) is naming their kid Zuri–not only Zuri, but they’re calling their kid Zu, ZuZu, Zu Monster, Zu Lady (all my daughters very public/personal nicknames) and I want to scream from a mountain to stop. STOP! Stop it! Like I get that you like the name Zuri–but DO NOT with my daughters exact nicknames. Get your own!

Whew….I’ve been holding that in for like only 8 years now. Feels good to get out.

Remi was almost Milo–in fact we almost changed her name when she was 3 months old back to Milo. I have no idea why….beacuase she is such a REMI!

Ozzy was a hard one. I didn’t love anything….We actullay almost named him Five. Yes, Five. This feels embarssing even typing out–glad we didn’t do it. But one day I was making a list of names I liked and Ozzy was on that list–short for Oscar. I didn’t love Oscar, but I loved Ozzy—then I was like, you can’t name a baby Ozzy—then I was like oh yes you can!

So he is Ozzy.

ps…naming kids sucks. It’s like the biggest deal ever, and so so hard, right!?!?!

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