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got a question? need a skincare reccomendation? You’re in the right place! Use the form below to submit your question & I will be sure to answer ASAP!

How have you become so confident in who you are? It really shines through and it is something so hard to come by. 18. May 2017

OH my goodness—thank you! The truth is I have major insecurities just like anyone else. All the time–about EVERYTHING. I second guess myself more than I like to admit–but at the end of the day I just try to be me, and not give a thought or more to anyone who doesn’t like me for being me. I heard a saying once that went something like,  “Whatever you think of me is none of my business.” …and I loved it! I really try to adhere by this philosophy.

Do you still use the magnetic eyelashes? Are they worth the money and look good/not fake? Thanks, and I love following you and your adorable family! 18. May 2017

Yes! I love mine so much that I think people assume I’m getting a kick-back or something from the company. BUT IM NOT! I really just love them. They’re so easy and still look great after almost a year. I use OneTwo magnetic Lashes for those of you who are wondering.

How can I get your hair color? I’m pretty light blonde but I want to go whiter! Xoxo 18. May 2017

Its alllll about the toner. Lighten your hair with bleach, but make sure to really communicate with your hair stylist that you want that bright whitish look. Go for gray, purple, ashy hues when you tone.

How tall are you and how tall is Bronson? 18. May 2017

I am 5’3.5…that .5 reallllly matters! And Bronson is 5’11.

Do you dye your hair? IT’S BEAUTIFUL 18. May 2017

Yes! I bleach it about every 3 months.

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