About Us

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Hello! My name is Weslie and I am the voice behind the ramblings you’ll find here. I was born in Ontario, Oregon, and spent my childhood bouncing back and forth between the high deserts of Utah, and Rocky Mountains of Colorado. On my 12th move back to Utah, at the ripe old age of 17, I met and fell in love with a skier kid named Bronson. I graduated as a Masther Esthetician soon after, and have been working in the skincare industry for the past 10 years.

Bronson and I married, and have 3 children together: Zuri, Remi, and Ozzy.

Since starting a family, we have followed suit right in line with my parent’s habit of bouncing around the US like a ping pong ball. We have lived in Florida back to Utah, to Los Angeles back to Utah, to San Francisco back to Utah, and have finally found ourselves in sunny Southern California ….this one feels good but we’ll see how long it lasts.

who are we?

Well, I’ll tell you…and I guess I have to start with myself.

First off, this is uncomfortable, so instead of telling you what my favorite color is and yada-ya-ya, I”ll tell you things that I think make me, well, me.

  • I like disgusting stuff. Example: I watch Dr. Pimple Popper every night before bed and it puts me in trance-like relaxed state. It’s better than Ambien.
  • && other things like: any sort of nakedness makes me laugh, as well as all inappropriate jokes.
  • I love Kourtney Kardashian….and Khloe, but Kim bugs.
  • I cried once while watching a super old couple take a walk together….but instead of walking they were both driving their jazzy scooters holding each others hands– Bronson said he started to fall in love with me right at this exact point—Only to have officially fallen head over heels in love later when I bawled like a baby reenacting a horrific NATGEO TV show to him where I watched a baby elephant crying real tears because its mom got murdered. That one sealed the deal.
  • I’m a bit of a lone wolf—but hello! I move a lot. It just makes sense.
  • I feel a real need to snuggle strangers babies. Like it’s at a tourettes type of status- where I really can’t help myself. It’s inappropriate..especially in airports and parks. I know this, and I’m working on it.
  • I need minimum of 20 minutes of alone time daily. It’s the only way I can center myself.
  • I’m horrible with answering calls and texts. I’m truly confused at how everyone else in my age demographic seems to be addicted to their smart phone, because I want that thing no where near me 90% of the time.
  • Reading Amazon reviews and researching holistic nutritional supplements is currently my favorite boredom therapy.
  • I have the ability to feel people’s emotions as if I’m experiencing them firsthand – sounds cool, right? But this ‘superpower’ ability actually sucks. It means I can’t watch reality TV shows like the Bachelor anymore due to nauseating embarrassment, and actual anxious diarrhea.
  • And, last but not least, on top of loving my kids– I really, really like my kids, too. Theres a difference, you know, and those little guys are my best friends.
Now onto the rest of ’em!

Bronson, my husband, is a Creative Director / Entrepreneur and owner of Ghostmouse Studio. He’s obsessed with babies just like me, and it melts my damn heart. On top being a really good dad, he keeps me on my toes with all his business ventures. For example…..we took a trip to Thailand in 2013 and he decided it was a great idea to bring the lantern festival we saw while we were there back to the United States—11 months later the RiSE Festival was a hit, and is now the largest Lantern Festival in the world.

He’s in the ocean surfing any chance he gets, and when there aren’t any waves he really loves his motorcycle, too. He’s a big dreamer with a huge heart, and an eye for what work. And to me, he is the most handsome man on earth.—-You can probably tell I like bragging about him by now, so I’ll stop.

Zuri our oldest is 8, smart and sassy and oh-so-kind. She has the purest, most sensitive soul, and has been mine and my husbands biggest teacher in life so far. She also has the memory of an elephant, so don’t ever feel like you can cross her and she’ll just forget about it. She won’t.

Remi is next at 4, almost 5, and although she’s second in line, she’ll make sure she’s first through any door. She is delightfully weird. The best type of weird. Interesting and thought provoking, and funny as hell.

And last comes, Ozzy.

Oh Ozzy boy…he is a BOY. He’s just about 2 years old and literally insane. He scares the living daylights out of me and is getting into stuff 24/7. But hims is super into skateboards, motorcycles, scooters, helmets, and balls (which reminds me…he’s always naked). He’s so funny and knows how to get exactly what he wants. If I say ‘no’ he knows he can kiss up to one of his older sisters (or his dad—actually, his dad is THEE biggest pushover) and one of them will surely cave into whatever his demands are.

And he loves the minions. like a lot. A LOT.

About the blog

I started a blog…this blog actually, 7 years ago. It was formally known as LOVE CHUGS. Love Chugs was a place were I naively spilled my guts all over the interweb about my family, motherhood, experiences, beauty & skin hacks, and personal stories.

I quite literally just word vomitted it all out. I never thought a soul would read it (ok, ok… maybe I thought my mom might read my posts …but just you, mom, JUST YOU!). I was wrong, though. After a few years I had quite a little stack of loyal readers.

This did, and always will, surprise me.

As time passed and readers grew, I became less and less myself. More filtered, more fearful, and apprehensive to let you all in on what was starting to transpiring in my real, non internet day to day life.

So I logged off, and let LoveChugs die.

I have been “logged off” for about two years now. No blogging or Instagram really for the most part, and no Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. I didn’t even check my email….in fact I’m still 8,877 of unread mail deep.

It’s a nightmare.

But, those two years unplugged have shaped me into a version of myself I have never anticipated, and have taught me lessons I can simply never unknow.

The stirrings inside myself to invite you all into our life again, and to share some of what the last bit of our world has looked like, has been persistent for me over the last 5 months. It’s a scary thing now–I can’t lie. I’m not naively jumping into the internet world like I did 7 years ago. I’ve experienced the highs and lows of this game, but I have realized its all worth the connection.

And thats what this is all about about. Connection. It’s big for me. I feel driven to connect with you.

To connect with myself.

To connect with my kids in an interesting way when they’re old enough to wonder what their family was like when they were all little like they are now.

Its all about connection.

So, this is me. The new me. The new space, with a new name. It’s different, although mostly the same…maybe just enhanced.

Thanks for reading.